After plundering pockets of circumstance we pack our baggage 
for every hundred thousand orreries that wobble off balance 
one sits stabilized at the center of a region so disproportionately vast
it should go without saying even the notion of exploring it seems crass
in a scenario such as this it would warrant a long crumpled drag 
on a cigarette burning cooler than the embers scattered across Hell 
then flicked off into dead mist crumbling a trail of sparks behind it.

Standing on the fire escape at night with a bucket of animal bones 
time is the puzzle completed and we are the echoes still catching up
reflected in the mirror of the stars as if frozen under stadium lights 
a coliseum where the prisoners are all hidden and the warden's lost
gone off in his head in the state of Catatonia on vacation in Key West
floating in a sea of bath salts flown in under the radar over the border
landing in a corn field under moonlight in the frozen dead of night.

Memories rolled up into tubes and filed away for a never arriving day
impressions of a transcript of simulated replicas impersonating a model
casting the shadow of a reflection reproducing an archetypal effigy 
outlining the representation of a remote desolate unidentified likeness 
all the usual suspects lined up glittering near the Tannhäuser Gate
leave a long forgotten trail behind them sunken in dreams halfway erased
adrift across the gulf of the Obliterate Dust unbound into a photograph.



Photing. Voting by phone
Dreeming. To dream by emergency management
Syncing. Corresponding with a deeper order
Afloat. Feet upon the ground
Firmament. The measure of a domain
Kingdom. The hallways of memory
Castle. Cast by Iron Laboratories
A lure. A Decoy. A mascot
Garrote. A rotting garden
To be fed. Everything you've got
Our Tardigrades. Exalted progenitors
Too late. The definition of now
Collapsing. Circus lung



When you twist around and look behind 
to catch a glimpse of what you are 
 and wish upon a terrible blind 
and shattered star to get re-knit 
then travel back to a dream of old
 when shadows thrown by candle lit 
docks haunted our walks late at night
 into the woods on a lone cold mountain 
under moonlight in the wind

Out in the wild lucid stillness 
gracing the eye of the storm 
focused right on you staring back
 in its face locked pupils reflecting 
each other across infinite space 

Completing a circuit repeatedly
 in time and weaving a spiraling 
loop in a rhyme with the rhythm 
of blossoming open mutations 
starred adrift in evolution's wink

Do you get a thrilling sensation 
of wonder crawling up and around 
your own spine realizing in a moment 
of unforgettable awe that's the tail end 
of the singular aura that can only be said 
to be yours and mine spread across this 
universe we've found won't ever be borrowed 
for sometime tomorrow because the past and 
future don't exist only this present unfolding 
moment rolling on in the spectrum of our 
electric dreams can possess us fully 
to reconsider flexing the fingers
 of our body in a glove without seams

Not worn by anything other than 
what it is that we happen to be 
here at the moment conjuring 
metaphors in alphabetical code 
to flash the signals forward
and move on down the road



Start the river of time wide open 
   flowing in immemorial grandeur
Turn to the rivulets of blood 
  compressed within mankind's veins
Fueling its central transformers 
 into galvanic turbines set to receive
Arterial emanations streaming
  in sequence from quasars to hearts

A complicated recycling undergoes 
   a perpetual Möbius circuit
Tracing exchanged laws of thermo
  dynamics from nascent dissolution
Toward delivery of oblivion spun 
 from infinitesimality to dominance
Through the spectrum of the most 
  extreme to the imperceptible

Challenges of the vital material 
   connecting the nexus of the whole
To the consummate webbing 
  of the labyrinth of entanglement
Coursing between wavering oscillation 
 and the staggering flux of
The alternating polarities 
  inherent to the voltaic firmament

Simultaneously completing 
   the integrated culmination 
Our division of the proliferating 
  fractional multitude of creation 
Constituting the establishment 
 of a regenerative foundation 
The fatal breath siring vitality's annihilation 
  laid down to rest above and below

The stationary orbit of constant motion 
   that surrounds the external
Materialization of petrified incandescence
   in a transubstantiation
Of cardinal plasma siphoned 
 from zero into the singular totality
Sustaining the deliverance 
  of our manifestation of ordered chaos