from the Crow's Nest

I'm out here surveying America
Looking across at the petrifying dish
Zooming in close to a slum in this aquarium
Hadn't seen so many schools of fishes in prison before
Never accepted conditions for being wishes granted
Until I realized we get exactly what we pay for 
Here in the land of enchantments abroad
Still spelling out their hazardous charm
In this super spun medium we emerge
Blinking and further blurring lines
We are already so entwined in
It's a miracle we can see at all
With blinding clarity we drive
Focused on the dotted dashes
To keep us from merging into
The passing lanes on either side
Addicted to motion we all strive
Headlong into the glare of our lives
Staring through mirrored sunglasses
As we devour the roadway together
A feast of acceleration faster faster
Burning rubber and fossil fuels further
And farther we spin out in space 
Going nowhere while occupied
With the mind numbing exercise
Of consciously committing suicide
Enjoy the ride to the eye doctor
America you have been prescribed
Blind by laser vision remember
Your doctor cannot provide a cure
He may only remove your symptom


Buck Shot Flag

There's a room 
Sitting at a table
In our free society 
The accoutrements 
Are all very nice 
Polished mahogany
A fine table cloth 
Clean silverware
Plenty of food 
Piled in the center
A 55-inch plasma 
Screen on the wall 
For viewing pleasure

There's even a record 
Player in the corner
With massive speakers
A nice vinyl collection 
Sits amid books 
Upon the shelves
Along side the loaded 
Totemic gun resting 
On its jewel case 
Depression in velvet
There's also the medicine 
Chest down the hall 
In the tiled bathroom

Except for the nagging 
Excedrin won't solve 
Elliot's problems now 
He's got a splitting head
Ache and the only cure
Believe him he's tried 
Everything to no avail 
Is to grab that crown 
Gem and split the heads 
Of those who have 
Persecuted him so 
Long it's making 
Him sick with it

If the revolver was not 

In the room frankly 
So easily and sacredly 
Necessarily by law 
Abiding right there 
Gleaming in the dark 
Whispered by silenced
Bullets for tongues 
An overheated and 
Repeated insistence 
Gradually and mutely
Transmogrified into 
Abject American prayer

Would the troubled 
Elliotts of our land 
Find it so God damn 
Easy then to fatten 
The growing meme 
Of their manifesto
Signed sealed and 
Delivered with a fatal 
Punctuation mark? 
First ask what price
We traded tyranny 
For and further the
More we pay for it

Freedom with our
Lives the pressing
Question remains
To count the cost
For those we lost
The double edged
Sword now replaced
By the barrel which
Fires both ways
May no sooner
Be repressed than
The flaming edge
Of our story itself

for Franz W. 
and Tom W.  


A Clarion Amid The Din

It's not only outer space that's important
and it's not just inner space either
it's both our neurological microscapes
as well as the deep core of our own planet
and it's not panspermia itself that brought
life necessarily to earth nor just our molten
iron womb alone either as much as the distinct
possibility that the combination of asteroid
(sperm) and planet (ovum) may have resulted
in the origin of life here and hence ourselves
as a bonafide awakened sentient species

And how could we forget the deep
oceanic trenches and the inherent
mystery they conceal? We're familiar
with five percent of our ocean depths
there lies the real future of science
because the outbound quest may be lost
and doomed to a telescoped oblivion
if that were even imaginable much less
possible but yes leave it up to us to
achieve impossible absurdities

Something so original and harrowing
as to make damnation appear mundane
go for it Rocket Boys and may the spirit
beyond the deepest waters move you
toward the ultimate adventure
of discovery and may your destinies
meet with unspeakable success

What a mess. Enough science fiction
about space ships already, I call a boycott
the real space-ship is Earth and I want
to read and write about that so reel your
spaced out dream back in quick
everyone knows the crypto-
terrestrials are here already
and we're their latest offspring

Listen to the leaves inside your mind
and realize the wind passing through
the seashell of your skull is not
imaginary because you may have
mistaken it for something else
it is real because you imagined it

Try to get it right and did you know
there's no such thing as out there at all
it's all in the mind every sparkling piece
of it including those glittery dead sequins
twinkling every color of the Alphabet
whose intertwined songs harmonize
into a celestial choir belting out the one
hymn we've been hearing all our lives
and it's not just whispering myths
or describing lost dreams, that's just
the sound of it all breathing

So wake up and grow mouths
so you can stop screaming
see what I mean by reading
not only in between the lines
but repeat the lines themselves
because it is not just the words
on the page that carry meaning
it is their distinct combination
and the empty spaces between them
crowding out the remainder of existence

A polarized balance which pings
a microtone spark across the dark
of space to light up this place for us
to see the secrets buried deep enough
to make it worth the challenge of our lives
to find so please stop searching for extra
terrestrials if you don't mind we've plenty
here already dying to know us besides
extra-solar ones more than likely 
advanced already are ahead 
of the curve searching for us 
we may rest self assured

They will find us on the television
screens of their collective minds
and read our lips from the static
laden silent film of our own history
projected in the bright expansion
of a gravitational microlensing
for their perusal so meanwhile
what else are we going to do here
all alone together aside from
feeling lost in our own home

For the sake of all that is common
and good, alienated and terrified
of being invaded because that is all
we inherently know (from having been
born from scratch of the lightning
bolt spark-struck nickel iron womb
core of our parent planet) don't you get it

We're the species that invaded this place
if it isn't obvious already then try to think
of it this way, every solar system is a factory
in the shape of a vast tapestry which
manufactures us at the third station

And here we are on a conveyor belt
of revolving bodies harmonizing cosmic
frequencies for the mass production
of sentient fruit and the mirror trick
to remembering who we are is not
to care what the reflection looking
back at us from dark matter resembles
because phantom distortions of ourselves
are terrifying when taken out of context

This has been a public service announcement
coming at you live online all the time archived
on the world wide vine from Thornswrath
Guardian of Ambush and Soldier for the Army
of the Trees and Sworn Protectant of the Rose
Still Blooming From the Heart of the Earth


With My Son (What We Are)

We swimming in the Sun's light
Are like the fins that bring delight
Of a creature looping in the night
Forsaking darkness with its presence

A star is an exiler of the dark
Take a look around and you will see
There is no darkness between you and me
In fact that is an impossibility

For what we are is pre-conceptual
If we shut our eyes then we will find
There's really no such thing as mind
So let us open our eyes and awaken

To being alive in a fantastic continuum
We could not possibly imagine otherwise
So nevermind understanding and go on living
This dream of existence with our senses

The lens of thinking can never correct
Now cease the turmoil of our thought
And bring the splendor of that which is
By banishing all that is not

~ for my son Zane
May 14, 2014


March Twentieth

It's the first day of spring
and death is in the air

The box car is full
and slowly departs

Crammed with weary
old friends taking their
motivations with them

Into strange darkness
streaming down river

The moon's sole
reflection white

Upon the surface
wave letting apart

Into well synchronized
angel moth wings

In motion appearing
to be saying goodbye