We divide our aspect in a lot of ways
Some of them haven't even been thought up
by the population infesting the world today
but used to be common knowledge millennia ago
others are diffused through the ages by only a fraction
as the fewer among us here so very well know
our mechanical nature swung into action
by the well driven engines manufacturing snow
with all the seasons unwound in a blur behind us
fueled by the dying chorus of a thousand suns
what other reason could there be to explain
this manifestation's for us because we are the ones
who imagine we can see ourselves from afar with alien eyes
without realizing vision itself must set us apart from the rest
defining each other as cells from the host of the skies
shedding a spiral trajectory of sputtering stars
there's only one shadow a singular reflection and we're not it
we are all that's left over after the fuse has burnt out
the impressionist flare fading away into darkness
to bring a concussion of echoes that are no longer a dream
but realized here in the flesh now and for all eternity


                                                              for Gregory



The juxtaposition about 
our lonely sun 
keeps us all entranced
in a dance around 
each other chasing
the evenings of our dawns
those dark capes 
detached which 
carry away 
our earliest dreams
to dissolve amid 
the sparkling pinpoints 
of Venus and the stars



for Antonin Artaud

the dead skin sloughed off Institutions
something to record our cryptic Solutions
promissory notes passed on but never Paid
from trees that we made into Lampshades
for the illumination of our deepest Fears
and desires really the same thing Fueling
our fires and schooling the liars we Hire
to print more currency from the flayed Hides
of our own strip-mined lungs so we can See
ourselves in this written mirror Instead
of breathing in the air paper is an Excuse
we use to justify the ending of our Lives
and to marginalize our state of being Alive



It has always been like this

We have never been present

Because the moment carried 

This river of spacetime to reflect

Split-mind objectification of the

Subjective so now we may all rest

Assured the foreshadowing of our

Awakening must occur twice during

All of our existences here and there

In between both sides of paradise