Divided. Falling.
Derided. Cat calling.
Kettle black. Sneak attack.
Blowing steam. False alarm.
Broken dream. Won't disarm?
Bully's scheme: Knock their block off.
Our regime. Drop the talk.
Take a walk. It's like this.
Now we're pissed. Mess with us.
Off the bus. Won't comply?
Eye for an eye.

Break the circle. Staunch the flow.
Stop the supper. Let them know.
Western Diamonds. Will bite back.
Crushing coal. Heart attack.
Jewel thieves. Smiling back.
Your secret market. Ain't so black.
Trade in liver. Hudson river.
Initiative. Decide to live.
What are you. Smoking crack.
We'll strike back. Blind or not.
With rage or calm. We'll drop the bomb.
Change your mind? Will comply?
Fugget about it, Fucking die.


Shasta said...


thorngrubber said...

Just gettin to it now, huh?
Good to see someone is diggin through the backposts. . .

thorngrubber said...

Be sure to check out "State Of The Union"s companion piece (the 'head' to its 'tail', if you will; or the 'yin' to its 'yang') "Under Pressure"...

shaun said...


This diptych {State Of The Union + Under Pressure} was written directly after 911 - in early September, 2001. This pair of poems reflect my thoughts, after the twin towers fell.