So who do you want to blame?
Do you want to blame the guy who pulled the trigger?
Or his companion who wrapped telephone wire about the
school teacher and the american businessman?
What about the third accomplice who interrogated them
while splashing gasoline on their heads?
Why don't you blame all three of them since they
each took potshots at the captive's knees.

Does it really matter which one wielded the carving knife?
Perhaps they drew straws afterwards, to determine
who got to fire the flare gun...
...Maybe you should blame the local police
who went by the numbers and poked through
the charred rubble, and two days later claimed
ignorance about the flare cartridge
missing from the evidence file.

Naw . . . you want the brown-skinned fuck
who pulled the trigger to burn, don't you?
Do you know what a trigger is?
The killer himself is a trigger.
Do you actually believe the local periodicals
with their blazing headlines about some Crime
Of Passion involving prostitutes?

That's the work of a pretty passionate pimp,
to employ text-book tactics from
The School Of The Americas,
don't you think? Or don't you think?
You want to blame the trigger finger?
Then step it up a notch and blame
the man who gave the order,
because the ignorant hirelings who did the deed
were only doing their job, after all.

What sense of justice will you get from knowing
a couple of filthy scum bags like that were captured,
jailed . . . even executed?
Will you really sit back in relief,
feeling the scales have tipped even?
While the real men who arranged this crime
sit back in complete anonymity?

I don't think so.

So go ahead and blame the man who gave the order,
but you have to ask yourself who is this man,
who appears to be the "real" trigger finger?
Is he some card board cut out comic book character
who was just bored one day lounging in the tropics
devising this chess trap atrocity to while away the hours?
Maybe he's a real life Scarface "teaching some Americans
a lesson" . . . Yeah, right.

You want to know something? I'm tired of this.
If you're not starting to see the picture, you never will.
If you can't see the chain reaction in
the trigger finger command,
then it's because YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH,
and the truth is, YOU ARE TO BLAME.
Because the chain reaction,
by floating all the way to the Top,
(and there is no doubt that it does just that),
and if you don't know where the Top is, just look around you,
how long have you been living in this country?

Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt your video game,
but if you just don't feel right putting the blame
on dear old Uncle Sam,
well that's perfectly fine, because he's just
a marketing conception after all,
and what he really represents is YOU. And ME.

We are a nation that is supposed to be run by the people
and for the people, and regardless of the fact
that certain bullies wrenched away that power
from the rest of us
and monopolized themselves into
the highest executive offices in the land,

this is still no excuse for the cold, hard fact that
each and every one of us are to blame for murder.

So who do you want to blame for pulling the trigger?
Take a long, hard look in the mirror.
It all starts there.

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thorngrubber said...


Just answer me this. As a democracy,
If we each share a fraction of responsibility,
even the minutest hair's breadth of it,
then are we not all responsible for this thing-?

Who pulled the trigger anyway?
If each of us shared only one millionth of that responsibility,
then a million of us pulled that trigger...

That million is a murderer.
A multiple murderer.
We are all a multiple murderer.

Just answer me this. If by electing
not to choose and our lack of action
makes us lose then must we all not share that weight-?

We might think it's possible but
responsibility can't be shuffled out like that can it-?
It may look that way when we all fail to make a choice,
but in the end we pay for every ounce with an ounce of flesh.

By denying responsibility for the wrongs caused in our name,
we are slowly transformed into automatonic dealers
of the industry of death. Next thing you know --

We must kill ourselves to rid us of the enemy.
What do you see when gazing into the mirror of chrome.
/Trick question it's you the reflection owns.