crushing staccato
insists a dark reflection
borrowed tomorrow

tower of babel
key pins erode under base
dust never settles

chestnut hair bundled
sound of being deftly shorn
between scissor blades

life's short years peeled off
to be dropped away into
the burgeoning dusk

these echoes are gone
despite their endless fading
behind a dimmed eye

the attack is manned
and a shadow arises
unnoticed behind

watch your throat now then
quickening creepervines might
return us to them

bone vibrating song
of the halving excision
from a twin removed

airbrushed a divide
in delicate cumulus
with infanticide

the lost tribe running
without friends left to
reason a way home again


shoes said...

haiku.............the lost art. love your blog. feel free to visit me at misterpissed.blogspot.com

thorngrubber said...

thanx. I'll stop by sometime.