The magnets of your face
swivel in a positive stare
toward a force far greater
than my smile and eyes.

This force I name Mirage
because the horizon is its front gate.
The dilations of your pupils are the key --
this does not make it any less real.

I entered through that laurence
in the past, flag rippling.
When you leave through it,
you will leave me a great sadness.


Shasta said...

oh my god. shaun,you are really good. really good. so painfully pithy and spot on...


this tears me up.
i think i really need to talk to you about this one. well...okay...

blown away. impressed.

thorngrubber said...

So uh, when are we going to talk about this one?

thorngrubber said...

& by the way: thanks

Gene Stewart said...

Good one. I'm puzzled only by Laurence.

shaun said...

Gene, very glad you've pointed this out; laurence is a word I learned from playing Trivial Pursuit. It means that rippling effect you see on the horizon caused by heatwaves.