The implication of the design suggests an artifice,
and an artifice implies a Creator. The relationship that Creator ends up having with its creation could go many ways. By virtue of having described that a creator has produced a body of work, it is implicit that this Artisan operates within measurable limits. The truth can only be arrived at through an analogous algebraic equation, this is a fundamental condition of perception described by Kant.

It's where Faith meets Physics.

It is possible to begin imagining the shadings of the contours
of our celestial face upon the unspiralled deeps;
for there to be a Universe immediately
implies a Keep, a terraspatial aquarium,
a crystal ball in a vacuum in a sealed off pressurized chamber.

Imagination begins in trying to picture the Keepers.

It really begins to pick up when a route and itinerary
is outlined with the intent of tracing a path back to
our natural habitat. This would be like a goldfish
planning to escape and return to a koi pond in Japan.

Except for the fact we are not goldfish, but homo sapiens.
--Or are we?: Shading the profile of the jawline, to merge
into shadow, beneath twinkling pinpoints, in cavernous sockets.
Framed by a vast canvas of space.


Shasta said...

Hi Sean. You might like my friend Jared's site: www.jaredmcpherson.blogspot.com..... I'm am cluing him into yours. :)

thorngrubber said...

Thanks, Shasta - 'tis appreciated ;)