From high above the earth I've seen
a shared view with the eagle's keen
sense of focus a darkened tower
of cloud bank shining, & beneath its bower
prosaic beams of sunlight engrave
an inscription of steam on the land underneath
unveiling a dream whose vision bequeathed
to mine eyes held aloft of the glorious scrying
the difference between those living & dying
though seemingly occupied on the same land
and on happenstance meetings intertwined by the hand
are in fact in a fleeting transition of fate
whereby sharing the meadow on each other's date
is entirely besides the point as of late
for each bending vista that reflects from their eyes
is a seperate world under differing skies
and the dream shared between them an illusory lie
as they whistle together hand in hand down the path
oblivious to the contact in defiance of the wrath
of the moment illumined by the sun, the inter-
galactic is over when clasped hands come undone.