a painted hollow
beneath an eye
whose arc has ribboned
streaks into dawn's smudge

arrayed for my
stencilled programme
built from blood's
ceaseless river, dividing,

forking faces from ashes
sown by her hand and fingers
unfanned in a gesture uncannily
similar to a languid goodbye

catches my gaze and in the mixture
of contrasting lights, disappears,
death of a shadow,
revealing the tracks

of a phantom crow
long gone flown, having
willed a dark glint only
in the contracting pupil

headstone left,
a grave marker of memories
crushed to a pinpoint,
now blinded in the dark

it is drowning in,
now surging open to embrace
the last shreds of dream
fired back as final echo


Shasta said...

loved the imagery and flow, especially the lines "having
willed a dark glint only
in the contracting pupil"

any background on this poem?

thorngrubber said...

hey shasta,
yes. I based it
on a pencil drawing
of an eye sketched
by my first love.

Shasta said...

open mike 2nite? call me :D

VeryScaryCarnival said...

my heart just fluttered a little