Have you heard the news, we all come from Africa.
Every single one of us a piece of her legacy
The living proof marked in our chromosomes
Genetic mutations like rings in a tree
Tracing back echoes of our history.
To say every human on earth is related
Is the truth being stated quite literally
To claim we're a family regardless of race
Is a fact presented with accuracy.
To stand in denial of these revelations
Is really quite telling. you see; so pardon my asking
What designs does your intelligence really have on me?
Now that you know we're brothers and sisters
Obviously you can level with me--
I'm an American, your countryman--related by blood.
Take the mask off, it's easier to see.
Oh wait, you need to guarantee your anonymity
How can that be, I thought we lived in the land of the free
Of course, that's right, you live a double life, I see.
Has your other half heard the Good News,
That we're all from the same family tree?



. . . stream flow pour discharge unload
lighten relieve ease release free
redeem compensate atone pay clear
rid lose sacrifice consecrate devote
dedicate surrender relinquish abandon
forsake leave go proceed advance
further generate create compose
constitute enact establish set place
know fathom sound seem appear emerge
originate introduce enter penetrate invade
trespass transgress violate breach open
reveal uncover expose show display
manifest embody represent interpret explain
clarify illuminate enlighten inform fire provoke
incite instigate activate awaken stir
arouse alert excite energize vitalize
animate encourage embolden impel move
affect inspire stimulate dynamize enliven
quicken vivify refresh renew restore
revive resurrect raise grow breed father
procreate bear mother hatch contrive plot devise
plan design invent imagine think conceive
understand apprehend grasp perceive see
behold discern divine foresee anticipate expect
hope await abide stay arrest interrupt defer
delay detain hold keep obey comply conform
adapt accomodate harmonize agree acknowledge
avow assert affirm certify attest confirm prove
testify demonstrate verify determine settle fix
stabilize balance compensate offset counteract
neutralize cancel annul erase delete eliminate
exclude bar limit confine constrain force compel
inflict impose give present confer provide
offer extend advance . . .