When fury rises
and burns the toast

Unbuckled, the world
implodes a windshield.

a Fist flies an immeasurable arc
into the car and grabs a heart.

A star's rays filter in the dawn
on the afternoon rush home from work


Shasta said...

interesting ending, ie. dawn/afternoon.

it gives me the feeling you get as the sun rises (or the earth revolves toward the sun) and coats the world in light, but with this willfull sort of explosiveness and intensity, almost like anger..? some pretty violent verbs are used: implodes, burns, fury, fist flies, grabs... et cetera.

good stuff.

BlakNo1 said...

Burnt Toast Fury, good name for a band : )

shaun said...

man i seen BTF like six times \m/

shaun said...

i edited this today, deleting 'God's' and
capitalizing fist.