Frozen in abject terror
Flowing through imbedded roots
Skin curling blackened away
Reveals red raw ruin
Where once was a mask
Never a face
Feel the wind for
The very first time
Then, season the silence
With a sigh,
Cut out your own tongue,
And hand it to the head of state,
On a white napkin,
On a china plate.
Bow halfway with feigned good grace;
This has explained such gifts
As a voice are a waste.


Usurper. Contaminant.
Continues the domain
by the minute of the ant.
Certain sovereignty.
Magnified to burn away
self reflective memories.
We divide and turn astray.
Tyrants are replaced far away.
Live each day a mutant.
Beware the sun.
Each thumb is a man.
Being an army of one.
Try to understand
Any world leader isn't dumb.
Rather, it is we who are,
I mean mute. Like ants,
industrious. In peace
we rust, trust me,
they're not all like us.
What am I saying?
You tell me. Usurper.
Contaminant. Commandant.
But make it brief.
You got a ship to run.
...or do you?
(What is it you want?)