Usurper. Contaminant.
Continues the domain
by the minute of the ant.
Certain sovereignty.
Magnified to burn away
self reflective memories.
We divide and turn astray.
Tyrants are replaced far away.
Live each day a mutant.
Beware the sun.
Each thumb is a man.
Being an army of one.
Try to understand
Any world leader isn't dumb.
Rather, it is we who are,
I mean mute. Like ants,
industrious. In peace
we rust, trust me,
they're not all like us.
What am I saying?
You tell me. Usurper.
Contaminant. Commandant.
But make it brief.
You got a ship to run.
...or do you?
(What is it you want?)


shaun said...

This one was written in 2006 (or thenabouts).

Shasta said...

resigned to sadness,
an implosion inverts itself
into imagination.
the eye snags itself on this hill.

shaun said...