Sorry, I didn't mean to get unruly,
I know you do too,
Get blue that is,
But what you going to do,
Keep spreadin the love I say to you,
And don't bother going after
the Top Dogs here,

Remember to shoot for the User,
Keep it real,
at ground zero, street level,
One user at a time,
Gotta start building up a charge
cuz that spark has got to cross
the gap and leap across the dark

seperating men's minds on the map of existence
because it's not about resistance,
but assistance,
and in this instance,
we need all the help we can get,
So forget about regret and go out and get em,

Tell a stranger in the street
Good Day even though
you just met him,
Look right into their eyes and
melt away the lies,
and with any luck we'll see
each other on the other side,


Dee said...

Plain speaking ain't killed any poet yet. Reading your poetry certainly makes me take a harder look at my own, but why did you end this one with a comma?

shaun said...

I'm glad you asked that, Dee. The main reason: it seemed unfinished to me. I put the comma in to show it wasn't finished yet, to imply there were plenty more descriptions of books where that came from, and as a visual reminder to myself that I should continue it some day; maybe even complete it.

It occured to me, after composing the last line of the poem, that I have rarely been presented with the opportunity to end something with a comma, so I figured, why not.