battery powers attack justifies
rape submits control escapes
abandon gathers force builds supremacy
endangers freedom dissolves worship
denies mutation persists evolution
creates invention parts history wakes
dreaming realizes action fronts revolution
sparks induction starts generations
move mountains weather storms
ignite fires destroy cities spread
wealth corrupts hearts pound chests
trap secrets kept under mined
resources assist nations exchange
plunder soothes criminals blackmail
attorneys distort perception reveals
exposure frames innocents accept battery
charges power runs attack multiplies justice
enforces rape requires submission permits
control modifies escape allows abandon disperses
gathering generates force activates building
reinforces supremacy boosts endangered
wildlife freedom fights dissolution
spreads worship placates denial weakens
mutation engenders persistance strengthens
evolution branches creation begins invention
eases parts assemble history passes waking
starts dreaming fictions realize truth action
perpetrates fronts ebb revolutions unfold
sparks shower induction shocks start cars
generate rhythm moves crowds mountain
high weather condenses storms develop
ignition electrifies fire lights destruction
levels cities stain spreading catches
wealth burdens corruption decays hearts
labor pounding open chests contain
traps secure secrets poison kept airtight
under water mines collapse resources
enable assistance lends nations unify
exchange students plunder information
soothes curiosity criminals collaborate
blackmail entreats attorneys dismiss
distortion prevents perception illuminates
revelation focuses exposure shows
framed convicted innocents helpless
accepting inevitable battery charges


el topo said...

ja te miluju, moj milacko.

shaun said...

This is an old poem, written over 20 yrs ago