(A feral lucidity thrives
after unburdening one’s self
of the world’s petty fortunes
and knowledge. Unlearn that which
imprisons us and feel free to exult
in your personal liberation.

Give, and the starlight
in your blood will begin
shining through the pores
of your skin; help illumine
the pathway for others to
begin leading as well.
This is not about following,
but forging your own path
through the darkness.

It may be necessary
to shut your eyes
in order to see
the way forward.

Proceed blindly
with the faith
of a billion suns
burning from deep
within the irises
of your eyes.

If we try not to blink,
our pupils will grow
into full blown mastery.)

1 comment:

el topo said...

"feel FREE to exult in your personal LIBERATION." (freedom and liberation, interesting words..possible double-speak, is freedom really a detachment?? nah... most likely not, and it depends on how you look at it...) clear lenses clear lenses

words lubricating our wormholes... 'casting' our selves and each other in and out of our respective gardens and plaster gardens, and those gardens where we're comfortable lying around in a full spectrum of mental, spiritual, gravitational, electrical, and physical nudity...