by Shaun Lawton

What do I envision for the future?
You mean after we remove all the sutures?
If the surgery sets and the
perjury gets any better,
well even though the jet set gets wetter
over implants doesn't mean we have to dance
@the chance at taking off our pants
@their fake romance.

Over and done before its begun.
I say there is no such thing as the future.
The future is a myth and those who will say
the same of the past are wrong,
because the past clearly happened
just ask Momit's still connected
to us no matter how much we may
avenge ourselves thinking otherwise.

I say despise their use of lies,
because these weak tries of theirs
are simply cover-ups for a foundation
of inflexible thinking.

Deny they can try till they're high as a fly
but they already have revealed their word
is a stable foregone conclusion;
good news, of course, since in reality
we are undergoing a universal
transformative reign of change
headed directly
into the previously uncharted unknown.

So I say after we leave them behind
over their weathered grave stones
we can save the rest of time
for our own feathered cadence
on the drum beat of bone.

After the scars set this
is as good as it gets
there is no future
can't you see there's
only now between you and me

because the future we destroy
at every opportunity,
a shed skin
original sin
doing us in
time like a snake
are you awake
didn't you know
if you don't like the show
Turn it off.

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