Powerlessnest. Leftbehind.
Worthinfinity. Stupidesign.

Solubullshit. Rearviewmeltdown.
Sincremental. Upsidefrown.

Resolutionary. Revoltacular.
Ritualisticketing. Inthebacksir.

Compostal. Aloofah.
Incarcerationing. Blindated.

Lullabaited. Captivaporized.
Lipstitched. Eyesordid.

Welltrussed. Sedativity.

Neoengendered. Killfactory.
Holywarren. Mirrorwaged.

Science Faction. Halfbelief.
Cultimate. Propheseedling.

Plantintinnabulation. Industribution.
Churchmancraft. Tribulationship.

Televessel. Devastationary.
Selfishing. Stagnational.

Dereservoirs. Incorperruption.
Chainlinking. Vomiterrarium.

Massproducking. Frankenchise.
Autolobbed. Merchandying.

Undiscoverdant. Mechanicolonization.
Posture-de-force. Corrupturing.

Horribladder. Infantricide.
Wirehung. Genostracize.

Unsunguent. Tortruism.
Awariness. Trutheism.

Instructshunning. MutAntcolony.
Socialis. Implicatered.

Masterbaited. Industracted.
Retrofated. Retribunal.

Executorrent. Judgmental Illness.
Issuewarrant. Insanitedious.

Tormentality. Suisadness.
Funereality. Apatheology.

WorldWarship. Disinterror.
Tyranniculmination. Secreterrier.

Packinheat. Overlard.
Opustule. Conscienshutup.

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shaun said...

author's note: The last word hyperlinks to the first draft of this poem. I have merely added another dna strand of interlinking neolojisms, to broaded the associations. This begs the question--will I ever add an additional strand-? and so forth-? That remains to be seen. For now, it stands as it is. Another version, somewhat modified, as one word lines, can be found here.