Permit the impossible.
Admit the insane.
Acknowledge nothing.
Reject established reason.

Allow for some logic.
Authorize sanity.
Concede everything.
Accept the unestablished.

Demand paradox.
Sanction the poetic.
Question the finite.
Supersede creation.



Colliding with a generator every other day
Ripples interpenetrating as they fade away
Weaving up a network into a superfabric
Upon which our efforts solidify or dissolve

Into a solution from which there is no escape
Massaging the continuum while asleep or awake
Tailoring the ultimate from our Babelogue
Designing our own castles to install

Gazing from our Skultress into relativity
Beware vision penetrating beyond twenty-twenty
For things dreamed up become all too real
Threatening us from our own Ledge to Fall

The lessons learned may never be repeated
So abandon concerns about feeling cheated
After all, it appears each one of us here
Designed our own world so have faith, never fear

Go through with your plan even as it unfurls
And shatters reforming into different blurred worlds
Because from Outside the Universe is an Atom
Accelerating us all superseperately together



Study the figure of an African map
Check the etchings in the dark of China itself
And draw a mesh to adorn the ends of the island
Away from the teeth of death's hollow eyes.

With head and nostrils under the seclusion of the waves
Add the tranquility in a port having been taken
By the Secretary 0f the Dark to a different memory
For the secret of his children along the coast.

The point of antimatter is driven by the future
With renewed fears of flight as the law dictates
Unchangeable in the eyes of God
By the ability of human ears.

Thus, one can dream the power of all
Within the heart of a child in a cage
Which we bind with a hypnotic spell
Introduced for the first time

Directly under the Kingdom
From the shutting of the spot
The fragments which break all
As they take the examination
Of the heart alone on the beach.

My brother has been abandoned
By the man left stranded on two paws
Through the spring loaded shuttle
Of a new ink beyond our
Undulating surface reflections

To switch the oldest game on the shelves
Because grief outweighs the eyelids
Of your cold night, is all the force holding
That which looks away to the stars.



for Andrew

Looking down
the arm of a fist
in mid close
of a wave

faring well through
bitter climes
releases such bright
unseen butterflies

beyond the turned
head of a departing
friend keeping his
radiant teeth hidden

behind neglected
masks winged
and twinned
in a mirror

he stood
alone in



I know you'll think I'm crazy but I'm here to tell you
There's no need to worry anymore about it
That whole end of the world nonsense
From the Rapture to 2012 and who knows
When it'll end (paranoid mindset we'd all
Comfortably settled into) it don't matter
Anyhow either way what we think
Because the world ended already
Not that long ago actually
As the detritus settles
To complete itself the
Sentence falls apart.



Stranded in a realm strangely familiar
I shield my gaze with my hand and a groan
Escapes. A soft light begins to arc up
And over the horizon, defying
The black logic of this infinite plane
Splitting the universe into two halves.
There are no horizons. Fused with the air,
The cruelest reward for purpose: despair
And total silence, as my voice that laughs
Is snatched away to another refrain
And returned into meltdown as crying.
In fetal parody, my cup offered,
The dawn desiccates my chances for home.
The dormant seed teaches me: NO DEATH HERE



This does not represent any known thought structure
before or alongside it. For one, conditions
would have to be replicated along all levels
and they're not. The colors of my eyes are known to change.

From grayer hazel to a bluer green, it depends on the weather.
Outside, the howling increases through the droning wind
and I can only imagine the creatures stalking the countryside.
It will remain eternally night now that the stars have locked down

In the Universifreeze, Spirit dislocators sent out tangrams
featuring lucid maleficent vibrations tuned to geomagnetic north.
The results are world spun out of control in a frenzy of lust and
battle rage. The echoes still ring throughout the denizen's heads

Spread across the surface of the earth like a tapestry of dandelions,
thoughts captured by the winds of time and tossed sporadically across
the land. Every morning like a parade of gathered pigeons they spread
upward to blot out the sky, shifting shadows into nervous mountains.



for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dim forms hover near a shadowed path
Reach in with bent fingers to crook my delusions;
Do I have to hold on to them yet again?
Do I really need this?

Go ahead and infest me, i'm accustomed to it.
As your tyranny unwinds from the mist
Within my breast agelessness endures
Fanned by your factorys' scorching fires.

Loving shadows flit from darker forest
And wash into bleached memories of
Love's first shattered against friendships forged
Half dissolves in memory as the first plundered lust

Resurrects grief whose echoes track the past
Over life's eclipsed hedge maze
Now barren revealing intimates from the dawn
Torn from me by destiny.

They don't hear my later melodies,
Those to whom I used to sing.
That crowd dissolved long ago
Eulogized into silence.

My song resounds among strangers now,
And their praises make me wince
For those who used to listen with held breath
Now wander far apart if not in death.

My spirit feels an alien desire
Pine toward the peace of that grave
With inconstant pulse my bloodline ebbs
As when Pathetique or Requiem unrolls

And flow my tears the heartbeat said
I smother my pain with an iron will
I see my world as if from a distance
And the dreams I lost are all that's real.



I don't know humans
from the stuttering
shells of machine guns

I don't know
soldiers from saints
I can't tell a razor blade

from an ink pen
I can't tell a gun shot from a kiss
I don't see the difference

between jackals and police men
or carnivals and prisons
shackles and tennis shoes

sidewalks and clouds
coffins and bath tubs
I see no distinction between

inhumation and orgasm
among boot heels hammer blows
orchestral music screaming

heart beats screaming
screaming thunder bolts
melt down laughter whispering

dreaming, I suspect no reason
to make a connection between
the aforementioned

as surely as I don't
know them
from you



A brutal horror beyond

Our imagination really

Breeds reassured
In unrelenting focus

Just south of here.

Consider US

As a gigantic party


Perhaps we'll get a clear picture

Of reality once

This metaphor

Is deciphered.

The degrees

Of fastidiousness

By which we create

Our nemeses

Would be shocking

Indeed if we

Weren't so insulated

Against it.

The gross demand

For illegal drugs

For instance,

Consumes trends

Toward epidemics

And cartels stand

Drawn north

Along the black undercurrent

The mere government

Have not elected

To target the real

Article of drug abuse

The User's Victimization

Just goes to show

Eyes that see

Who bother to look

Register the thought

That they must

Want it that way

For how could it be


Meanwhile we troll

A suppurating wound

Right on up

Through the Americas

In turn We, the Cruiser

Literally spew

From multiple spigots

Astern—human generations

Of gang bangers—

In our view

To their lands


If you ask me,
that there Sirs

Is a recipe

For making your own worst enemy

Welcome to the States of America

That must all remain

United behind this Great Wall

Made in China

Just a looming shadow

From our southern borders

Encroaching on us all

To eclipse freedom itself.



for Kyle McBride 

Glass blown ash trays embossed in silver caught
the dropped excess of a generation's shrugged off after
thought and here I sat the grand kid who bought
into all of that left with a legacy of corrective lenses
scattered across the table top with a candle and a
bowl of sand reminded of how we're distracted to
see clearly by those diligent to the status tug of war
the radiant seventh letter in the compass and the quadrant
to receive the tapped sacrament of four Cuban cigars
was the crafted destiny of this charming rugged heirloom
to grant a new dawn with balanced diplomacy seemed to be
the message embedded in the lead crystal the dragon fetus
in the pyramid spawned by the pornography of science just
goes to show how to fill an ash tray with my grand father's memory



hold my hand.
Notice how everything but our hands
becomes hand.

This is how it is,
you and I.
We are held in everything's palm

at my eyes.
See how all but our eyes
is eye.
We are watched by everything's eye

your mouth against mine.
This is my joy,
to kiss
and be kissed by the universe


for Craig Fields

. . . His sigh
broke the stillness
with a weighted delicacy

as if to say
stand . . .

and each word
bled slowly
as from a wounded mouth


my face shuffled the subtle expressions of terror

the moment was brief

and so quiet


Fast-forward ten years later fast-forward ten years again
It takes a real long time
to make the people comprehend
That we're our own masters and there is nobody else
And no one left to blame
unless we blame it on ourselves
Who set the course of our lifetimes and the skies right overhead
Who built the cities from the ground up and who buried the dead?



I studied the shape of an African map
Lost in the shadows of etchings cooked
Into the occlusion drawn across stars
A chart of territories and island's teeth
Death's head eye sockets and nostrils
Flank the harbor beneath the calm waves
Holding secrets trapped in a darkness
Inscrutable to the divers of memory
And all of her children since the terminal
Point of anti matter has fanned out
Into the future on renewed cycles of flight
Whose direction dictated by a law
Immutable in the eyes of God
Pliable to the ears of Man
Thus able to alter the dream
Woven from every child's heart
Into the cages that bind us
Under a massive hypnotic spell
Introduced from the Realm Above
Directly into the Kingdom Beneath
From former exactitude to a latter blur
The pieces of which may shatter
Into a semblance of the Whole
To be picked up and examined
On the lonely beach of the heart
Abandoned by the brother of man
Left stranded on two paws
With quill points spring loaded
For a new walk across ink's
Undulating surface of reflections
To switch the oldest shell game
For the mind's eyelid lowered
Over the cold night of awareness
Which must grip every host
That ever looked to the stars



A different vehicle for staring.
The seperate outlet of look.
Sight captured by no one.
Eminently describable.

Any missing puzzle pieces fit.
The world's face reknits
beneath the skin. In the center
of the pupil the portal irises open.

Another mask woven for a new vision.
Formed of bones dissolved below
the surface. Seeing the world clearly
through the silence of a vacuum.

From the point of view behind
the stars before they were made
to mark the skies as another
disguise for seeing.