I studied the shape of an African map
Lost in the shadows of etchings cooked
Into the occlusion drawn across stars
A chart of territories and island's teeth
Death's head eye sockets and nostrils
Flank the harbor beneath the calm waves
Holding secrets trapped in a darkness
Inscrutable to the divers of memory
And all of her children since the terminal
Point of anti matter has fanned out
Into the future on renewed cycles of flight
Whose direction dictated by a law
Immutable in the eyes of God
Pliable to the ears of Man
Thus able to alter the dream
Woven from every child's heart
Into the cages that bind us
Under a massive hypnotic spell
Introduced from the Realm Above
Directly into the Kingdom Beneath
From former exactitude to a latter blur
The pieces of which may shatter
Into a semblance of the Whole
To be picked up and examined
On the lonely beach of the heart
Abandoned by the brother of man
Left stranded on two paws
With quill points spring loaded
For a new walk across ink's
Undulating surface of reflections
To switch the oldest shell game
For the mind's eyelid lowered
Over the cold night of awareness
Which must grip every host
That ever looked to the stars



A different vehicle for staring.
The seperate outlet of look.
Sight captured by no one.
Eminently describable.

Any missing puzzle pieces fit.
The world's face reknits
beneath the skin. In the center
of the pupil the portal irises open.

Another mask woven for a new vision.
Formed of bones dissolved below
the surface. Seeing the world clearly
through the silence of a vacuum.

From the point of view behind
the stars before they were made
to mark the skies as another
disguise for seeing.