A brutal horror beyond

Our imagination really

Breeds reassured
In unrelenting focus

Just south of here.

Consider US

As a gigantic party


Perhaps we'll get a clear picture

Of reality once

This metaphor

Is deciphered.

The degrees

Of fastidiousness

By which we create

Our nemeses

Would be shocking

Indeed if we

Weren't so insulated

Against it.

The gross demand

For illegal drugs

For instance,

Consumes trends

Toward epidemics

And cartels stand

Drawn north

Along the black undercurrent

The mere government

Have not elected

To target the real

Article of drug abuse

The User's Victimization

Just goes to show

Eyes that see

Who bother to look

Register the thought

That they must

Want it that way

For how could it be


Meanwhile we troll

A suppurating wound

Right on up

Through the Americas

In turn We, the Cruiser

Literally spew

From multiple spigots

Astern—human generations

Of gang bangers—

In our view

To their lands


If you ask me,
that there Sirs

Is a recipe

For making your own worst enemy

Welcome to the States of America

That must all remain

United behind this Great Wall

Made in China

Just a looming shadow

From our southern borders

Encroaching on us all

To eclipse freedom itself.



for Kyle McBride 

Glass blown ash trays embossed in silver caught
the dropped excess of a generation's shrugged off after
thought and here I sat the grand kid who bought
into all of that left with a legacy of corrective lenses
scattered across the table top with a candle and a
bowl of sand reminded of how we're distracted to
see clearly by those diligent to the status tug of war
the radiant seventh letter in the compass and the quadrant
to receive the tapped sacrament of four Cuban cigars
was the crafted destiny of this charming rugged heirloom
to grant a new dawn with balanced diplomacy seemed to be
the message embedded in the lead crystal the dragon fetus
in the pyramid spawned by the pornography of science just
goes to show how to fill an ash tray with my grand father's memory