This does not represent any known thought structure
before or alongside it. For one, conditions
would have to be replicated along all levels
and they're not. The colors of my eyes are known to change.

From grayer hazel to a bluer green, it depends on the weather.
Outside, the howling increases through the droning wind
and I can only imagine the creatures stalking the countryside.
It will remain eternally night now that the stars have locked down

In the Universifreeze, Spirit dislocators sent out tangrams
featuring lucid maleficent vibrations tuned to geomagnetic north.
The results are world spun out of control in a frenzy of lust and
battle rage. The echoes still ring throughout the denizen's heads

Spread across the surface of the earth like a tapestry of dandelions,
thoughts captured by the winds of time and tossed sporadically across
the land. Every morning like a parade of gathered pigeons they spread
upward to blot out the sky, shifting shadows into nervous mountains.

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