Study the figure of an African map
Check the etchings in the dark of China itself
And draw a mesh to adorn the ends of the island
Away from the teeth of death's hollow eyes.

With head and nostrils under the seclusion of the waves
Add the tranquility in a port having been taken
By the Secretary 0f the Dark to a different memory
For the secret of his children along the coast.

The point of antimatter is driven by the future
With renewed fears of flight as the law dictates
Unchangeable in the eyes of God
By the ability of human ears.

Thus, one can dream the power of all
Within the heart of a child in a cage
Which we bind with a hypnotic spell
Introduced for the first time

Directly under the Kingdom
From the shutting of the spot
The fragments which break all
As they take the examination
Of the heart alone on the beach.

My brother has been abandoned
By the man left stranded on two paws
Through the spring loaded shuttle
Of a new ink beyond our
Undulating surface reflections

To switch the oldest game on the shelves
Because grief outweighs the eyelids
Of your cold night, is all the force holding
That which looks away to the stars.