Permit the impossible.
Admit the insane.
Acknowledge nothing.
Reject established reason.

Allow for some logic.
Authorize sanity.
Concede everything.
Accept the unestablished.

Demand paradox.
Sanction the poetic.
Question the finite.
Supersede creation.



Colliding with a generator every other day
Ripples interpenetrating as they fade away
Weaving up a network into a superfabric
Upon which our efforts solidify or dissolve

Into a solution from which there is no escape
Massaging the continuum while asleep or awake
Tailoring the ultimate from our Babelogue
Designing our own castles to install

Gazing from our Skultress into relativity
Beware vision penetrating beyond twenty-twenty
For things dreamed up become all too real
Threatening us from our own Ledge to Fall

The lessons learned may never be repeated
So abandon concerns about feeling cheated
After all, it appears each one of us here
Designed our own world so have faith, never fear

Go through with your plan even as it unfurls
And shatters reforming into different blurred worlds
Because from Outside the Universe is an Atom
Accelerating us all superseperately together