They're not crazy because their colorful discourse
can be balanced like any chemical equation;
trim the adjectives, adverbs, and advertisements
and what do you have left? Birdsong.

You have to have a head full of nuts
to even try to communicate a thought
in the first place. No one knows what
crazy is. Only relayed messages exist.

It stands to reason that why should we worry
if the sands of reason blow away in a hurry
we keep stacking our grains up into a keep
and occupying our brains so at night we creep.

If we're asleep in our dream not knowing
we're sleeping are we awake in our lives,
unaware we're alive? Don't touch the red
button unless you know the difference.

Between dreaming and living it ends up
becoming our parent's advice.  In this metaphor
what does the red button stand for besides
the reset of complete annihilation?