Demons possess mankind yet do not exist
autonomously.  Only by taking possession of
an individual may a demon come into existence. 
This old secret has been lost on a population whose
imaginations always seem to get the best of them,
but what can you do.  While everyone is caught up
in the fading phantoms of their conversation, angels
walk among us.  Their reality determined once again
in the full blown possession of men.  Each extend
their arms through the race of human kind,
engaging in their dance after wings have spread
and talons blackened the bedsheets in shades of the darkest wine.
Yes, angels and demons are real my friend, intertwined
in genetic suspension they spell m - o - n - g - r - e - l
as close to a definition of modern man as one could understand. 
We project these innate qualities of ours to protect us from who we are.
To distract us enough that we just might think devils like these
could be real, bring us to our knees, and plead for the angels to save us
when all along the only ones who could do that are ourselves;
oh, yes, those mythic beings are real, alright:  they'd watch over
us at night if they hadn't fallen asleep themselves...
during the day they're usually spotted in hallways, 
bathrooms, and cars. Anyplace there are mirrors  
for one to look into.  Like you.  Both demons and angels 
are each distinguished by purity. Therefore true possession 
amounts to the total absolvement of impurities.
The prison of flesh where all angels and demons are banished
has been known throughout history by one word, humanity.