I'm out here surveying America

Looking across at the petrifying dish

Zooming in close to a slum in this aquarium

Hadn't seen so many schools of fishes in prison before

Never accepted conditions for being wishes granted

Until I realized we get exactly what we pay for

Here in the land of enchantments abroad

Still spelling out their hazardous charm

In this super spun medium we emerge

Blinking and further blurring lines

We are already so entwined in

It's a miracle we can see at all

With blinding clarity we drive

Focused on the dotted dashes

To keep us from merging into

The passing lanes on either side

Addicted to motion we all strive

Headlong into the glare of our lives

Staring through mirrored sunglasses

As we devour the roadway together

A feast of acceleration faster faster

Burning rubber and fossil fuels further

And farther we spin out in space

Going nowhere while occupied

With the mind numbing exercise

Of consciously committing suicide

Enjoy the ride to the eye doctor

America you have been prescribed

Blind by laser vision remember

Your doctor cannot provide a cure

He may only remove your symptom