Point the deathbone
At the moon, anoint
A blue ceramic bowl
With drops of blood

Study the splatters
Of streaking fluids
The way you would
A snowflake or tulips

Enter the cavern of
All of our fears so
We can cast shadows
On Christendom

A patch of leprosy
Grows upon the thigh
Of a virgin while they
Thrive ruining resistance

As the ocean wind on
The sails of a lost
Ship captured by us
With persistence

Turns out to reflect
The worst piracy of
Our lives stared at
In mirrors of our I


Shasta said...

reminds me of humanity's need to ascribe meaning to the (skeptically and seemingly) random..... need for divination...

vanishing points... the imaginary convergence of parallel lines..

shaun said...

Its a poem I wrote
for Chaz

Dee said...

snowflake of druids........?

somewhere around here a poem of yours begins with the word 'ineluctable.' I confess it sent me to my dictionaries and off on a quest: from the Latin, 'eluctare' meaning I think to surmount. Sir mount... from luct, luc, lux, luz, lose, and then licked wicket, sticky, illotrichi...and so wandered of in a forest of humid aires...

shaun said...

I'm pleased to find that a poem of mine sent you on a dictionary quest.

I'm not certain you're referring to my poem titled "Purpose.", because that one uses the word "ineluctably" in the first line of its third stanza. ("humanity... Gripping ineluctably about the planet") -- as in, we humans gripping "not to be resisted" about the planet; that is, gripping tight as in we ain't goin' nowhere. So long as one of my poems can send a reader off on a quest into a forest of humid aires, I consider it a success.

shaun said...

As for the "snowflake of druids", admittedly, it is an enigmatic use of language, but don't forget the possibility that it may have been intended literally in the possessive, as in the snowflake *belonging* to druids...

As much of my poetry, it is meant to trigger a simultaneity of associations, so you can also take from it what you will. The snowflake can also be representative of the smallest, most delicate thing in nature "belonging" to druids, a sort of sly reminder we are sharing this world, and furthermore, sharing it with people who hope to cohabit in relative harmony ('druids'). Hopefully, that is only the tip of an iceberg of possible associations; but if not, it should suffice.