Serial killer Jack at stroke of midnight party 12
Seasoned prayer rope around a tree  9
Branch mission cruise control wheel-barrowed  9
Metric round robins pecking sea    10

Order swallowed whole the rarest diamond  10
Upheaval dared to cope with missing teeth 10
And tonsils relegated to ululations  12
Faded from memory's quietest decree 11

Of driving in a new complete direction 11
Toward a riot storm of colors shrieking still  11 
Across the windshield and then catapulted  11
Past the final vanished point to disappear  11
Into a gradually collapsed thunderclap  11  



When I lower my eyelids
Down here in the basement
Shutting out this city neighbor
Hood I can begin to hear the wind
Ruffled fur and smell the decaying mouse
Making no sound outside my window